Planning your next dive trip? Why don’t you visit one of the top diving destinations of Indonesia at an affordable price? Without a doubt, it is one of the best diving destinations in the world. With over 3000 species of fish and 600 species of corals, you can enjoy discovering and diving with a variety of fish and other species. But choosing from nearly 17500 islands where to dive can be overwhelming and Asia liveaboard is here to help with this article. We will introduce you to the top dive destinations in Indonesia with this article.

1. Raja Ampat is one of the top diving destinations of Indonesia

Do you like diving in warm waters, with manta rays, sharks, macro, huge schools of fish, drift dives and pretty much everything in between? If your answer is yes, then Raja Ampat is the place for you. This beautiful place located in the province of West Papua in Indonesia has everything a recreational diver could ever want.

It’s situated in the middle of Indo-Pacific’s coral triangle which is home to the richest marine diversity in the world.

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2. Komodo

Known for the dragons that guard their coast, the Komodo Islands is praised for their pristine waters. Located within the Lesser Sunda Islands- Manta alley, Yellow Wall, Batu- the government has made it a sanctuary for many gentle creatures making it the perfect liveaboard spot.

Not to worry, tropical scuba diving is allowed in these areas and due to regulations, you’re certain not to bump into a lot of other divers. You are more likely to come across the reefs wonderworld of marine diversity. Home to mola molas, blue-ringed octopi, pygmy seahorses, manta rays and crocodile fish, the Komodo Islands diving spots are a sight to behold even at night due to the waters high visibility.

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3. Lembeh

Misty and distant, the waters of Lembeh is a mystery dynasty for thrill-seeking divers. Though the majority of the marine life found in these waters are quite friendly, this beguiling diving destination contains a vast majority of bizarre creatures. Among those identified by divers are the flamboyant cuttlefish, snake eels, stonefish, sea robins, stargazers, devil fish and even the weedy scorpionfish.

Does it make it a puzzling masterpiece?

Of course, it does. However, for those who aren’t fans of surprise, you might find it reassuring that there are seahorses including pygmies, nudibranchs, hairy frogfish, flamboyant cuttlefish, mandarin fish, ghost pipefish and the endemic Banggai cardinalfish occupying these waters.

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4. Wakatobi

Filled with healthy reefs the Wakatobi waters are great for beginners. Rising from the depths of the Banda Sea, the waters of the Wakatobi surround the main islands of Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomea, and Binongki. These explain why the waters are named Wakatobi.

Although, these belong to the Indonesian territories, these areas known for their drier climates and uplifted limestone. With temperatures far from that of most of the nation’s aquatic areas, creatures residing in these parts are unique to that what you usually see in other parts of the country.

With great visibility and gentle currents, it shouldn’t be hard for you to spot, Leaf scorpionfishes, mandarin fishes and ghost pipefishes.

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5. Cenderawasih Bay

Housing the largest marine park in the whole of Indonesia, it comes as no surprise that the beasts of the Cenderawash Bay are pelagic. Found in North East Papua, this bay has some of the finest coral gardens and a dramatic vertical wall which makes you feel as if you were diving in a nature made fish tank.

The waters of this bay are so vast and deep that it easily contains some of the nation’s largest marine life such as whale sharks, manta rays, and leatherback turtles. And if you are looking forward to more of an adventure, you can find more secretive marine creatures lurking in Japanese warships found in the water’s depths.

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6. Alor

The alluring waters of Alor are a sight to behold. A colorful diving destination, the waters of its diving spots- Babylon, Mike’s delight, Aquarium, and Clown Valley – are clear and calm making them some of the best diving destinations for liveaboard enthusiasts.

The visibility of these waters is so high that capturing fish and other marine creatures are capable with simple water-resistant cameras. Filled with typical marine creatures such as sea snakes, lobsters, boxfish and schools of fish (especially clownfish), these diving spots are also known for their pipefishes, ribbon eels, and wobegone sharks.

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7. Ambon

Diving along Ambon, you will never be disappointed with what comes along. Why? Well, this bay is one of the clearest you will ever come across. Though the depths of these dive sites are quite varied from black sand and rubble to jetties and wrecks, the creatures within these areas are just as vast as the waters are clear.

Adorned with illuminating archways and soft corals, you might be surprised by what you find. Filled with many different types of pelagic species such as the Napolean wrasse, sharks, rays and grouper, these waters mask some smaller marine life with them such as the frogfish, Ambon scorpionfish, and Halimeda ghost pipefish making for an adventure of a lifetime.

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8. Forgotten Island

Despite the name, the waters of the Forgotten Island is something you will never forget. Filled with many gentle creatures, this diving spot is the ultimate diving destination of Indonesia. Being a remote arc of islands in the nation, it takes experts to navigate the destination.

In addition to this, the volcanic islands that rise out of the deep blue waters in these areas are uninhabited and untouched making it the perfect sanctuary for some of the nation’s strangest, rarest and most mesmerizing of creatures. Among the list of the commonly seen marine life in these areas are the scalloped hammerheads, turtles, and Sea Snakes.

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9. Banda Sea

A band of fishes and varied marine life reside in the waters of the Banda Sea. Warm, friendly and gentle, the waters of these Indonesian dive spot is known for the remarkable lava flow which its creatures easily swim around.

Table coral was lava once flowed has also become a refuge for frogfish, juvenile sweetlips, Lembeh sea dragon, silvertip, and the humbled parrotfish.

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10. Gili islands

Bring out your man-made gills in the waters of the Gili Islands. Just as the shores of these Islands are a vacationer’s paradise, the waters are the same for the curious diver. With pristine and calming currents, a single dive in these areas or even simply snorkeling make you appreciate the beauty of nature’s marine life.

How much more for a liveaboard diving expedition?

As gentle as the waters the aquatic creatures of these islands are quite docile that it wouldn’t surprise you to come across, reef sharks, manta rays or even the rare Mola Mola.

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You can enjoy above destination on liveaboards at an affordable price range of $320-$3000.

Here’s a list of things to consider while planning scuba diving holidays that might help you.