Mantra Liveaboard, Indonesia


This 2014 luxury yacht was specially built to organise intimate and environmentally low-impact diving excursions. It has a modest length of 23 meters. We cater up to 10 passengers depending on your choice to charter our yacht or to rent a cabin during one of our prearranged trips. We set sail to Raja Ampat, Komodo, Maluku, Wayag, Misool, Alor and Ambon. The duration can vary between 6 and 13 days. The boat is equipped with state of the art safety technology, solar panels, inverter and energy-efficient engine and generators. We want to enjoy nature’s splendour without disturbing it.

Mantra Liveaboard SCHEDULE

Included: VAT, Accommodation, Transfers/pickups from airport, Tanks, Weights, Belts, Dive master services, All meals

Excluded: National park fees (Komodo = 100 €, Raja Ampat = 200 €, North Maluku and Banda Sea = 200€) / Tips for the crew / Please note: national park fees can be changed by the local government / Insurance, flights, airport tax, diving equipment, donations, soft and alcoholic drinks, transfers in Bali, gratuities (not mandatory but high appreciated)


There are 3 cabins to choose from. 2 have double beds and a single bed. 1 has a double bed and 2 bunk beds, ideal for a family. Each cabin (12 sqm) has remote controlled air-conditioning and en-suite bathroom with hot water shower. The yacht-like interior with teak wooden workmanship and portholes is very much inviting as a daily retreat. Regular housekeeping is part of the service.


We have 10 crewmembers ready to take care of your wishes. Personal attention is guaranteed on our liveaboard. The lounge area offers you multimedia entertainment, books and games. Free internet and charging stations are available for everyone. The leisure deck is furnished with sun beds and lounge chairs to relax and enjoy the décor above water.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the indoor salon or al fresco on the leisure deck. We prefer laid-back buffets although plate service is also possible. Healthy and delicious dishes from the local and western origin are prepared by our chef who will cook vegetarian variations on request. During the day, he will indulge you with snacks and refreshments. Water, tea and coffee are offered all day without a charge. Soda’s, beer and wine are available at the bar.


Besides all the onboard delights, it’s the underwater experiences that will make this Mantra trip so special and unforgettable. The stunning beauty of the Indonesian marine life is well documented and world famous. Our guides have great knowledge of these waters. They will show you the hotspots and support you in every thinkable way. Diving courses are available. (No Nitrox). The dive deck has rinse tanks and warm water showers. For a small fee, you can rent all the diving gear you need. The use of snorkelling tackle and kayaks are free of charge. Land excursions are organised.


These are example itineraries to give you an indication of the liveaboard cruises. The final cruise might be different due to weather, sea conditions and/or guest experience. The final call is always with the boat manager and the captain of the liveaboard. This to ensure your safety as well as to give you a dive holiday never to forget.

Banda Sea - Ambon
  • Departure Port: Ambon
  • Return Port: Ambon
  • Length: 7 Days / 6 Nights (Approximately 15 dives in total)
  • Experience level: Advanced Open Water – 20 minimum logged dives required.

Day 1: Embarkation Embark on the Mantra. Enjoy a welcome drink followed by a check dive. Day 2: Pulai Ai Dive in pristine, unspoilt coral gardens. Get the chance to see enormous schools of Napoleon fish. This is also a great place to see migrating whales and pods of dolphins. Day 3: Little Manhattan, Prince’s Reef, Banda Jetty Our first dive of the day will be off of Pulau Run. Spot the resident school of Bumphead Parrotfish as you swim through a healthy reef. Join the hunt for the pygmy seahorse at Prince’s Reef. This unique reef is covered with hundreds of different species of sponges. Outlast dive of the day will be a sunset dive at Banda Jetty where we can observe the mating ritual of the Mandarin Fish. Day 4: Pulau Neira Tour Take a step back into time right in the centre of the old spice route. Spend your morning walking the streets of the colonial town. Make sure to visit Fort Belgica. This 17th-century fort acted as a fortification system in order to protect the nutmeg trade. Visit a traditional nutmeg plantation and spend time with the farmer and his family. Day 5: Hatta Wall, Karang Hatta This incredible reef boasts a unique feature, a swim through made from a hole in the roof. Go into the hole and after a short drift, you will find yourself in a magnificent coral garden. The next dive will be on the outer reef where we can often spot huge schools of hammerhead sharks. Day 6: Nusa Laut Due to the local’s takings steps to protect Amet Reef, it makes for a divers paradise. Take three dives around the island in unspoiled reefs teeming with life. Reef sharks, turtles, schools of fish, and large Bumphead Parrot Fish. You won’t know where to look! Day 7: Ambon Wake up in a beautiful Ambon. Have a healthy breakfast and end your journey aboard Mantra. Marine Life: Snapper, bumphead, blunthead parrotfish, turtles, sharks, moray eels, dog-toothed tuna, fusiliers, jacks, Hammerhead, thresher and silvertip sharks, mobula rays, whales, dolphins and much more.

Forgotten Islands - Ambon - Alor
  • Departure Port: Ambon
  • Return Port: Alor
  • Length: 13 Days / 12 Nights (Approximately 28 dives in total)
  • Experience level: Advanced Open Water – 20 minimum logged dives required.

Day 1: Molana Wall, Nusa Laut Kecil We begin with a check dive on Molana wall, looking for tuna in caves and under overhangs. Then we’ll dive near Nusa Laut Kecil, steep sloping reefs with sponges, glassfish, anthias, fusiliers, surgeonfish, batfish, orangutan crabs, & ghost pipefish. Day 2: Suanggi, Lava Flow, Mandarin City The big barrel & elephant ear sponges, sea fans, and coral on the steep slopes of Suanggi are home to lots of reef fish. Lava Flow’s undulating surface is covered with hard coral hiding great macro. Mandarin City muck dive reveals its namesake mandarin fish &more. Day 3: Batu Kapal, Pohon Miring, Pulau Pisang We may see sharks and triggerfish among the boulders in the deep valleys of Batu Kapal. Pohon Miring has big barrel sponges, a 15-meter swim through, good macro and big napoleons. We’ll see whip coral and lots of reef fish at Pulau Pisang. Day 4: Kerang Hatta, Hole in the Wall, Pulau Hatta We’ll dive with schooling jacks possibly find some hammerheads in the depths of Kerang Hatta. Then we’ll swim through Hole in the Wall to see it drop into the open ocean. Finally, we’ll dive Pulau Hatta, a steep sloping reef frequently by turtles &crowded with reef fish. Day 5: Manuk Rocks, Rubble, &Bloody Rocks Big groupers and sea snakes glide along Manuk’s rocky slopes dotted with lava bubbles. Turtles are common in the hard coral and sand in the rubbly section of Manuk. Bloody Rocks steep walls have colourful soft coral & huge barrel sponges & more snakes & turtles. Day 6: Nil Desparandum, Pulau Nila (2 dives) Current carries us over Nil Desparandum, as we fly among the big napoleons, schooling jacks, and possibly even schooling sharks. Pulau Nila’s beautiful hard coral gardens are so lovely we’ll dive this site twice, with lots of reef fish, tuna, groupers, and barracuda. Day 7: Dusborgh (2 dives), Nila Because of sharks school at Dusborgh, we’ll dive here twice drifting with the current among jacks &eagle rays. Then we’ll sail to Nila’s extensive and thriving hard coral fields, an easy dive – silversides everywhere, attracting surprisingly big tuna for a shallow spot. Day 8: Pulau Teun, Terbang Selatan, Terbang Utara We’ll explore for a new spot at Pulau Teun, expecting current, sponges and hard corals, swarms of fish, and maybe even some sharks. Terbang Seltan and Utara are both steep walls with lots of silversides and shallow, colourful reef at the top. Day 9: Nusleur (2 dives) Sometimes we see hammerheads at Nusleur, so we’ll dive twice on the steep walls here. We’ll also see schooling jacks, big napoleons, bumphead parrotfish, and batfish. We’ll spend the night anchored of Romang. Day 10: Nusa Laut Besar, Nyata (2 dives) The gradual slopes of Nusa Laut Besar have great hard coral coverage &bumphead parrotfish, fusiliers, redtooth triggerfish, devil scorpionfish, pipefish &nudis. We’ll dive twice at Nyata where there’s a swim through in the contoured walls – big sponges &snappers. Day 11: Reong (2 dives) Today we will dive twice on the steep walls around Reong. We’ll encounter some current here in these fertile waters along with dense clouds of fish and some sharks and octopus. Day 12: Kal’s Dream, Clown Valley, Apuri Bay Strong currents whip us around the submerged seamount of Kal’s Dream with tuna & Spanish mackerel. Then we’ll drift over the immense hypnotic anemone fields of Clown Valley before sailing on to Apuri Bay where we will see nudis, pipefish, &other macro species. Day 13: Check-out Checkout and disembark with memories to last a lifetime. Marine Life: Swarms of anthias, schools of Fusiliers, surgeons and snappers, rays and patrolling grey reef sharks, barracudas, snake eels, mantis shrimps, octopus, bobbit worms, flying gurnard, lionfish and rhinopias

  • Departure Port: Kalabahi
  • Return Port: Kalabahi
  • Length: 6 Days / 5 Nights (Approximately 14 dives in total)
  • Experience level: Advanced Open Water – 20 minimum logged dives required.

Day 1: Pantar Departing Kalabahi at 2:30 pm, we’ll do our first dive close to the mouth of the bay. Mola mola is occasionally seen in the deeper water here, so if we can spot them from the surface we’ll jump in for a snorkel. Pods of dolphins and pilot whales are also commonly sighted. Day 2: Pura &Pantar This morning we’ll head west and spend the day exploring the sites around Pura and the east coast of Pantar, which includes some astonishingly beautiful walls. A village visit on Pura will offer a glimpse into the local culture and way of life on this island known for its skilled fishermen, cane workers, and Sopi (Local alcohol) production. Day 3: South East Pantar Today we’ll head south to Beang Bay, at the foot of Mt. Sirung Volcano, for some excellent critter diving in the black sand. Depending on the season these sites can reveal a real trove of weird and wonderful treasure. Day 4: Pantar to Alor Making our way across the channel towards Alor, we’ll stop off at Pulau Trewang for a fishy dive over the hard coral reef, before continuing on to explore the south coast of Alor. Next to the deep open ocean whale sightings are possible, along with dolphins, mola mola, and marlins. Day 5: West Alor Working our way north, we’ll do 2 or 3 dives exploring the impressive underwater topography along Alor’s west coast. We’ll arrive in Kalabahi Bay with time for another optional night time critter hunt in the bay. Day 6: Kalabahi Bay The nutrient-rich waters of Alor are perfect for cultivating pearls, and this is one of the area’s main industries. A morning pearl farm visit will offer a chance to learn about the process and see the results, before heading back to the boat to bid farewell to Captain and Crew. Marine Life: Swarms of anthias, schools of fusiliers, surgeons and snappers, rays and patrolling grey reef sharks, barracudas, snake eels, mantis shrimps, octopus, bobbit worms, flying gurnard, lionfish and rhinopias

  • Departure Port: Labuan Bajo
  • Return Port: Labuan Bajo
  • Length: 6 Days / 5 Nights (Approximately 14 dives in total)
  • Experience level: Advanced Open Water – 20 minimum logged dives required.

Day 1: Kelor and Wainilu We depart mid-day from Labuan Bajo and sail to Kelor for an easy check dive at a shallow muck site. Once everyone is dialled in, we will head to Wainilu Island to see more crazy critters at one of the area’s best muck dive sites. Day 2: Wainilu and Siaba Besar We’ll take another look at Wainilu’s amazing macro critters first. Then we sail on to Siaba Besar. Turtles and macro life thrive at this dive site with sandy patches between diverse hard coral species. Day 3: Siaba Kecil, Tatawa, &Batu Bolong Siaba Kecil’s strong current will carry you past overhangs & hard corals. We might see pelagics from the open sea. Then onto Tatawa Kecil, an endless reef with moderate current, lots of fish & sharks. Finally, we sail to Batu Balong to see some amazing coral. Day 4: Manta Point, Passage, & Lighthouse Manta Point is a shallow drift dive and the best place to see the huge, graceful Manta Rays. The Golden Passage drift dive between two islands offers a chance to see big fish from the open ocean. We end the day at the tip of the island: Lighthouse, a site full of surprises. Day 5: Crystal & Castle Rock, & Cauldron Crystal Rock & Castle Rock are submerged seamounts in the open ocean. You’ll encounter strong currents &big fish hunted by even bigger fish. Current races through a small space at Cauldron, carrying mantas, sharks, &napoleons. Eat, dive, sleep, repeat! Day 6: Sail to Labuan Bajo On our last day, we’ll sail back to Labuan Bajo and watch for dolphins and whales from the deck. Marine Life: Bumphead parrot fish, bamboo sharks, marble rays, nudibranchs, dusky sharks, jawfish, bubble coral shrimps, leaf fish, porcelain crabs, pygmy seahorses, schools of barracudas, trevally, and mackerel, white tips, black tips, grey reef sharks, turtles, octopus, frogfish, manta rays, dugong, banded pipefishes, mandarin fishes, Wonderpus, Indian Walkman

Banda Sea Crossing
  • Departure Port: Ambon
  • Return Port: Sorong
  • Length: 12 Days / 11 Nights (Approximately 28 dives in total)
  • Experience level: Advanced Open Water – 20 minimum logged dives required.

Day 1: Molana Wall and Nusa Laut (2 dives) Departing from Tulehu, we’ll sail to Molana, a wall with interesting overhangs &caves, for our check dive. On the steep slopes of Nusa Laut, we dive twice to see glassfish, anthias, fusiliers, surgeonfish, batfish, rainbow runners, orangutan crabs, &ghost pipefish. Day 2: Suanggi &Pulau Rhun Reef &Point Barrel sponges, elephant ear sponges, &big sea fans grow on Suanggi’s steep slopes where we’ll see lots of reef fish. Pulau Rhun is also a sloping reef &a great place to spot turtles and crabs. South Point site, a wall with overhangs, big sponges &fans, tuna, &batfish. Day 3: Pulai Ai, Lava Flow &Mandarin City Pulau Ai’s reef drops from 40 to 50 meters, deep enough for a chance to see hammerheads. The undulating sea floor at Lava Flow has great hard coral coverage & good macro. Mandarin City’s reveals its namesake mandarin fish, pipefish, &scorpion fish. Day 4: Batu Kapal, Pohon MIring, Pisang Sharks prowl the boulder-strewn walls and valleys dotted with sea fans, sponges, and soft orange corals at Batu Kupal. The coral-covered wall of Pohon Miring features a 15m swim through, big napoleons &barrel sponges, &huge sea fans. Then a deep wall at Pulau Pisang. Day 5: Karang Hatta, Hole in the Wall, Pulau Hatta Wake up to the possibility of hammerheads in the deep waters of Kerang Hatta. Swim through the Hole in the Wall &explore the reef top and wall with nudibranchs. Pulau Hatta walls and sea fan covered slopes are a good place to see reef fish, turtles, napoleons, &barracudas. Day 6: Koon spots &Pulau Madorang Two divers near Koon – a fast drift with lots of fish &a steep wall riddled hollows beside a deep channel: eels, crabs and shrimps, nudis, turtles, snapper, trivially, tuna, sweetlips &glassfish. Nudis hide in the coral covered walls of Pulau Madorang, where we can see turtles. Day 7: Shadow Rock, Boo Windows, Boo Point Among the ridges of Shadow Rock reef, we’ll find a manta cleaning station and maybe spot some sharks & pelagics. We’ll look through Boo Windows at the reef fish swimming through the soft corals &pinnacles, check out some macro, on to Boo Point for more macro. Day 8: Nudi, Whale, and Tank Rocks Nudi Rock’s soft corals are home to cleaner shrimp, decorator crabs, & turtles. Tank Rock’s strong currents pull us over the steep pinnacle-dotted ridged. Steep slopes &pinnacles of Whale Rock provide a dramatic landscape for bannerfish, silversides, &trevally. Day 9: Neptunes Fan Sea, Dunia, Four Kings Drift over huge 4-meter sea fans at Neptunes Fan Sea, then to Dunia Kecil: dive a wall with black coral, octopus, nudis, pipefish, &pygmy seahorses. Day 10: Four Kings, Two Tree Rock Swim through cracks in the ridges of Four Kings with schools of fish among the tunicates &coral. Barracuda Rock: a wall with overhangs &lots of trevally, grouper, &sweetlips. Tree Rock’s steep slopes & walls are riddled with cracks & overhangs. Day 11: No Contest, Love Potion #9, Razorback Crowded with schools of many species, No Contest has strong currents Love Potion #9 is a surreal underwater landscape of ridges & pinnacles, sea fans, soft corals with barracuda lurking. Finally, we’ll explore the steep sides &layered overhangs of Razorback Rock. Day 12: Sorong Sail for Sorong to checkout and disembark with memories to last a lifetime. Marine Life: Snapper, bumphead, blunthead parrotfish, turtles, sharks, moray eels, dog-toothed tuna, fusiliers, jacks, Hammerhead, thresher and silvertip sharks, mobula rays, whales, dolphins and much more.

Raja Ampat
  • Departure Port: Sorong
  • Return Port: Sorong
  • Length: 9 Days / 8 Nights (Approximately 18 dives in total)
  • Experience level: Advanced Open Water – 20 minimum logged dives required.

Dampier Strait, You’ll meet schools of fusiliers, surgeonfish, trevallies, rainbow runners, sweetlips and bannerfish. The particular thing about the site is that you will be able to hear “fish thunder”, the loud sound made when great numbers of fish move through the open water. Penemu During one survey undertaken by regional authority on fish identification, that took only 4 days and 11 sites, the scientists recorded a total of 707 fish species in the 5600 ha of Penemu protected area. The average number of species on sites was 281 species, which is considered as exceptionally diverse. On one site they noted 357 species, and that makes it the second highest fish count on one dive. The hard corals are home to Indian lionfish, as well as several species of dragonets, and for attentive ones the Pontohi pygmy seahorse. Farondi Farondi islands offer many different dive sites, where you can go on the look for wobbegong sharks. Misool National park: Jilliet, Fiabajet, Walib, Wajil, Jef Pele, Mesenta, Boo. In these waters is the best visibility around Raja Ampat, up to 40 metres. Gorgonians, barrel sponges, dendronephtya soft corals and various forms of Acropora, schools of unicornfish, surgeonfish and blue dash fusiliers swarming around you, green turtles, blue and yellow angelfish, titan triggerfish, oriental sweetlips and many species of butterflyfish. You can stumble upon huge Platax teira batfish or great hammerhead sharks. Now, rare in most of the places in the world, Napoleonfish is quite common in Raja Ampat. Fam South Angelfishes in all the wonderful colours and forms, “bicolour” –yellow and blue halves, “keyhole” –navy with a white ‘keyhole’, “Lamarck’s” –black and white stripes, “3-spot”- bright yellow with blue lips. Masked rabbitfish swimming in pairs, black and white banded sea snakes, and one true rarity around the ocean are tridacna clams, some being over a meter long and as it is believed over a 100 years old. Arborek Hard coral gardens of Arborek are permanently visited by Manta Rays, and it’s possible to see 10 to 15 of them only in one dive. Beside this particularity, you’ll be able to see the thousands of Oxeye Scads.

  • Year built: 2014
  • Length: 23 meters
  • Cruising speed: 8 knots
  • Engines: Yanmar 250 hp
  • Number of cabins: 3
  • Number of bathrooms: 4
  • Water capacity: 3500 l
  • Fuel capacity: 4600 litres
  • Freshwater maker: 150 l/hour
  • Radar
  • Depth Sounder
  • GPS
  • Radio VHF/DSC/SSB
  • Emergency Rafts
  • Life Vests
  • Fire Alarm &Fire Extinguishers
  • Oxygen
  • First Aid Kits