Southern Atolls Liveaboard Diving Holidays 


Diving The Southern Atolls

A Komodo Liveaboard brings you to one of the most diverse and rich marine environments in Asia, with over 1000 species of fish and 250 species of corals. The North and the South have completely different marine environments. Whereas North Komodo brings you warm, calm waters with shallow reefs that have hundreds of reef fish and colourful corals. The South region, on the other hand, has deep cooler water ocean mounts, pinnacles and walls patrolled by sharks, tuna and other big fish will take your breath away.

Diving the Southern atolls of the Maldives is a joy for every diver. With only a couple of liveaboards diving these new developed Atolls. You are most likely to be the only liveaboard there. It is an excellent way to discover new dive sites every time. There has been only little human interaction in this area what makes it more interesting to dive.

Healthy reefs and corals are common here, and the marine life is excellent. With strong currents running through channels and around pinnacles, the change to see big predators hunt for the smaller reef fish is very likely. With grey reef sharks on almost every dive and Whale sharks, Manta rays and other big pelagic fish this is a perfect place to feel a little bit like Jacques Cousteau in the earlier days.

Diving Season

Diving the Southern Atolls is year-round when weather permits. the best time to book your liveaboard to this part of the Maldives is between December and May when The seas are at its calmest and water temperatures are good. (between 28 and 29 degrees). For some of the atolls, you need to have the calm we seas for anchoring such as the Foahmulah atoll where it is difficult to stay in rough weather.

How to get to Southern Atolls

To get to the Southern Atolls you can either choose to make an extended liveaboard cruise for 2 weeks that will depart and disembark from Male. If you choose to make a 1-week trip you will need to get a domestic flight from Male to Medhufushi or the other way around. If the liveaboard stays in the Southern Atolls a return ticket is necessary. If you need any help or have any questions about flights you can always contact us for more details.


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