South Andaman Liveaboard Diving Holidays


Diving the South Andaman

2 of the dive sites even thank their name to it Hin Daeng (red rock) and Hin Muang (purple rock) are covered in red and purple soft corals. Both these dive sites have a great variety of marine life. as a cleaning station for mantas and whale sharks are often seen here but even without them you still have a great dive looking at the beautiful coloured corals and schools of snappers and fusiliers. in the corals and cracks, you can find seahorses and harlequin shrimps hiding. more up North there is Koh Haa where you can go dive in some massive chambers on the cathedral or swim up

Diving Season

Although you can dive the South Andaman round the year the season with perfect diving conditions begins in the October or November and goes until May. June to September is the monsoon season which brings about rain and strong winds which in turn make the seas rough and tides high, also affecting the underwater visibility hindering with diving. End of February is the best time to visit these waters what seems to attract many bigger creatures like whale sharks and manta rays. Water temperature normally is warm, ranging from 27-29 celsius, making it perfect for diving in. The underwater visibility is mostly excellent, ranging as far as 40m.

How to get to South Andaman

In order to get to the South Andaman Islands, you can either get a direct international flight to Phuket, The liveaboards generally leave from Chalong pier in the Southern part of Phuket. If there is a combination cruise you could be departing or disembarking in Khao Lak, Phang-Nga province.


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