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Diving Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is widely considered to be the top liveaboard destination in Asia. Because only a few locations in the world can compete with the marine life diversity that Raja Ampat has to offer. The combination of beautiful reefs, a high amount of fish life and every visit you make provide you with new and exciting dives. As a result, divers come back on a Raja Ampat liveaboard over and over again.

North and South best describe diving Raja Ampat. With North Raja Ampat being more drift diving in nutrient-rich waters, therefore, attract masses of schooling fish. Barracuda, horse-eye jacks and Marauding sharks which are often seen on dive sites here.

The Southern region is more diverse and has more gentle diving here you look for coral gardens, slopes, seamounts, bommies and pinnacles covered in beautiful soft corals and gorgonian sea fans. Also throughout Raja Ampat, you will find cleaning stations for manta rays.

In conclusion, this is a great liveaboard destination to see a significant variation of underwater life.

Diving Season

The best time to go on a Raja Ampat liveaboard is in October and November because of the weather. If you are not able to go in those two months, there is still great diving going on the rest of the dry season that runs from October – May. Liveaboard operators will make sure to make the best route for the time of the year.

In the wet season from May – October there are still liveaboards diving in Raja Ampat but the weather is unpredictable, and the seas can be pretty rough.

How to get to Raja Ampat

A Raja Ampat liveaboard departures from Sorong in the West Papua province of Indonesia. The easiest way to get here is by domestic flight from Jakarta. Other options are Bali or International flights from Singapore or either Kuala Lumpur.

Raja Ampat

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