Misool Liveaboard Diving Holidays


Diving Misool

One of the four largest islands in Raja Ampat archipelago, this secluded tropical heaven of Misool offers the most amazing opportunities to dive in its spectacular waters to explore the brilliantly diverse pelagic life. Misool liveaboards are an ultimate choice among the divers’ community throughout the world because of the exclusive adventure and transformative experiences in immaculate nature that they present.
The waters in Misool are crystal clear presenting spellbinding views to the divers even from above their liveaboards. Raja Ampat is known to have the most diverse marine life on the planet. Along with the aquatic wonders, the islands also have the enchanting, thick green forests which are the habitat of some of the wild creatures thus making this whole island an absolute combination of all what nature has to offer. Some of the beaches in Misool are of white sand. Misool also has rich ancient cultural sites in addition to all the natural wonders, making it an extremely rich place to visit.
The vibrant soft and hard corals and reefs found in Misool’s waters are predominantly distinct where you can find pygmy seahorses, ghost pipefish and nudibranchs in all their glory. Night diving, in particular, is an extraordinary experience which should not be missed by any diver which has amazing aquatic life in action.
Misool’s warm and calm waters attract sharks of different kinds including White and black tipped reef. If lucky, you can also get to see the world’s only walking shark, the epaulette shark. There is something for everyone who comes to Misool to experience the diversity of life.

Diving Season

Although the waters of Misool stay exceptionally warm throughout the year, best for diving any time, but June to August can have unruly winds and therefore straight rains. The underwater visibility varies from day to day which may greatly hinder the diving experience. In order to ensure you get the best out of your dive tour, contact the Asia liveaboard operators to keep you informed about the current weather and sea conditions of the island.

How to get to Misool

The best way to reach Misool is to take a domestic flight to Sorong Airport, from Jakarta, Densapar or a couple of other domestic airports.
A Misool liveaboard can combine several destinations in there itinerary so it wise to check what route your liveaboard takes or to ask Asia Liveaboard staff to help you out and prepare the best trip for you.


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