Maumere Liveaboard Diving Holidays

Diving in Maumere

For scuba enthusiasts looking for uncrowded dive sites, Maumere tops the list. This remote island is largely unknown and does not receive a lot of tourists. If you are diving especially to observe critters then Maumere is the best choice for you. Liveaboards in Maumere will take you to muck diving sites where you can easily find extraordinary species of octopus, nudibranch, swimming flatworms, crabs, blue ribbon eels, and several other vibrant creatures. It is not just the diving in the Maumere that is exceptional, the village is known for the water sports that it offers owing to the clear blue waters, smooth current, and enchanting beaches. Along with muck diving, Maumere is also known for its breathtaking drop-offs and walls which are covered in the biggest ever corals and gorgonian fans you might have seen, entangled with plenty of vibrant, soft corals and anemones and reef fish in abundance. You can expect reef sharks, stingray, and dolphins.

Since the Tsunami in the 1990s, the government made it illegal to inhabit the land because of the major destruction it went through. The town and its diving industry have now started flourishing just recently due to the growing tourism, which has also played a major role in diminishing the destructive fishing techniques which were a threat to the rare aquatic life since ages. There are wrecks which are covered by hundreds of small creatures, and also hides a huge number of lionfish. One of the dive sites has a 50cm wide crack caused by earthquakes, which hides numerous corals and small fish.

Besides diving liveaboards also offer you the change to trek on the islands which offer marvellous sceneries with scenic volcanic mountains and remarkably colourful lakes.

Diving Season

The best time to go on a Maumere liveaboard is from October until April. During this time the seas are at its calmest and the chance of rain is slim. The other months the rainfall and winds can increase and this brings along rougher seas and most likely the visibility is not as clear.

The average water temperature around Maumere is 27℃ with a max of 28℃ during the Months November and December and a low of 26 ℃ During July and August.

The visibility is on most dives around the 20 and 30 meters but during the monsoon season, it might drop to 10 metres.

How to get to there

A Maumere liveaboard can have several departures and disembarking ports depending on the route it makes. When the liveaboard departs and/or disembarks from Maumere you can get a 1-hour domestic flight from Bali international airport what will take about 1 hour. Also, other domestic airports have daily flights to Maumere. Before you book your ticket check the ports where it is departing and disembarking. When you book with us we will send you also all the information needed for your liveaboard cruise.


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