Forgotten Islands Liveaboard Diving Holidays

Diving the Forgotten Islands

A Forgotten Islands liveaboard is getting fast popular by divers for the schools and individual sightings of the hammerhead shark. Also one of the dive sites is famous for a large number of sea snakes that are very curious and approach divers even touching your fins and sometimes even your mask.

Because the Forgotten islands are so isolated the reefs are untouched and in great shape. The marine life is abundant with schools of butterflyfish, fusiliers, and surgeonfish that swim in large schools around the dive sites. Other sightings can be of large fish such as the big-eye trevally, barracuda and mackerels. Beside the Hammerhead sharks you can spot blacktip, whitetip and even silvertip sharks patrolling the dive sites.

Diving Season

Booking a Forgotten islands liveaboard is best during the months August and December. During these months the seas are at its calmest what makes it easier to make the crossing. Water temperature is between 25℃-30℃ with visibility that varies between the 10-40 meters.

How to get to there

The route of a Forgotten Islands liveaboard can vary a lot per liveaboard operator. The most common ports to be used are Maumere, Saumlaki, Sorong and Ambon. Make sure to check the itineraries before you book any flights. When you book with us we will send you the itinerary for your cruise to make sure you know the departure and disembark ports.

Forgotten islands

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