Diving Safari Maldives

Diving Safari Maldives

A Central atoll liveaboard route is also known as the best of the Maldives or the classic route. it Covers South, North Male, and the Ari Atoll on a week or 10-day cruise where you can expect all the marine life the Maldives has to offer.

Almost on every dive, you can encounter something special from a turtle to Napoleon wrasse and very often the reef sharks patrolling the dive sites. for bigger marine life there are cleaning stations where the manta rays hang around and you can snorkel and dive with whale sharks. Hammerheads or often seen at the early morning dive in the Ari Atoll, whereas a night dive brings manta rays searching for plankton in the lights. probably one of the most popular night dives in the central atolls in the jetty where nurse sharks start to hunt for food and you are most likely to be surrounded by 50 plus of them. The current can be strong on some dives but the central atolls are suitable for any experience level.

Popular Maldives Liveaboards

Diving Safari Routes Maldives

Diving safaris around the Central atoll are also known as the classic route or “the best of Maldives”. The liveaboard cruises start at North Male and cover also South Male and the Ari Atolls. Some dive trips go a little further to the Baa Atoll. Nowadays the North and South of the Maldives are getting more popular by scuba divers and liveaboard operators make extended diving holidays that cover the central atolls as well as the Northern Atolls or Southern Atolls.   

Maldives Marine Life

Maldives diving safaris are most known for the shark encounters. At almost every dive you can see reef sharks such as white tip, blacktip and grey reef sharks. Of course, a Maldives diving holiday would not be completed if you didn’t see a whale shark or a manta ray at on are more dives. A famous dive during a liveaboard trip in the central atolls in the jetty where you can do a night dive with nurse sharks.

Top Central Atoll Dive sites

Manta Point

Banana Reef

Girifushi Thila

Embudhoo Kandu

Guraidhoo Kandu

Cocoa Thila

Alimataa Jetty

Miyaru Kandu

Fish Head

Hammerhead Point

Diving Season Maldives

Central Atoll liveaboards go year-round with the best season to be December until May. During this time the seas are the calmest and mostly you will have clear blue skies. From June until November the monsoon season starts and the sea can be rougher and the chance of rain is higher.

The visibility seems to be better on the Eastern side of the Maldives with 20-30 meters whereas the visibility is on the West coast between 15-20 meters. Water temperature is between 26℃-29℃ and is pretty constant all year. Only during the North Eastern monsoon, the water temperature can drop down to 24℃


Water Temperature
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Climate Data
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How to get To the Central Atolls

To Join a central atoll liveaboard you have to fly to the only international airport in the Maldives on North Male. From here all liveaboards start and end their cruise. When you arrive in The Maldives on the departure day of your liveaboard they will pick you up and send you with the dhoni from the pier to the liveaboard itself. Also, you will be dropped off at the end of the trip. Just keep in mind you need a 24-hour break from diving before you fly.