Cenderawasih Bay Liveaboard Diving Holidays

Diving Cenderawasih Bay

 A Cenderawasih liveaboard is most famous for the encounter with whale sharks. Where you normally hope for one sighting here you can see several whale sharks together that are feeding on small fish and plankton. Besides the largest fish in the world, the variety in Cenderawasih Bay is mindblowing large schools of fish surround the reefs manta rays hang around the cleaning stations and when you look closely at the healthy reefs you can find pygmy seahorses, tiger prawns and numerous nudibranchs. Also, you can find 4 different species of turtles hawksbill, green, leatherback and ridley turtle. Thanks to the biodiversity Cenderawasih is also known as the Galapagos of Indonesia.

Diving Season

The diving season for a Cenderawasih liveaboard is pretty short compared to other destinations. The only dive cruises are between June and October. Although the weather is not always at its best with during the months July and August with rain and rough seas Cendrewasih bay is well protected. This is why some liveaboard operators choose to dive in the shelter of Cenderewasih bay. The water temperature is between the 27℃ and 30℃.

How to get to there

The liveaboards either depart or disembark from Biak and Sorong. This depends on the route the liveaboard operator makes. To Biak and Sorong you can get domestic flights from the international airports Bali and Jakarta. Most liveaboards provide you with a transfer from and to the airport or hotel if you wish to stay overnight.


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