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The Banda Sea


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Banda Sea Liveaboard Routes

Located in between two other top Indonesia liveaboard destinations the Banda Sea is a great place to cross over from Java to Papua.
Banda liveaboard cruises combine the following diving destinations:
Raja Ampat
Forgotten Islands
Triton Bay

Banda Sea Marine Life

During your Banda Sea liveaboard cruise, you will be amazed by the variety of marine life this part of Indonesia has to offer. The dive sites consist of beautiful reefs with large barrel sponges and sea fans where large schools of Fusiliers and thousands of redtooth triggerfish hang around. Also, dogtooth tuna and mobula rays are often seen here. besides the reefs, you have also dive sites for the macro lovers where you see the Ambon scorpionfish, mandarin fish, and frogfishes. a common sight while you on your Banda Sea liveaboard cruising to your next dive site are spinner dolphins, orcas, and a variety of wales that include the humpback whale, pilot whales, and melonhead whale.

Top Komodo Dive sites

Pulau Komba

Pulau Nils

Pulau Dusborg

Makasar Reef

Castle Rock

Cannibal Rock

Diving Season

The best time to go on a Banda Sea liveaboard is in March and April as well as September until December. These months have in general the better weather and the seas are calmer to do cross over trips such as the ring of fire. The water temperature is between 26 ℃ and 29℃. For the best visibility, the month of August is good where it can be about 30 meters.

Water Temperature
water temperature Komodo

Climate Data
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How to get to the Banda Sea

The Banda Sea dive cruises have several ports where they depart from. When the liveaboard departs from the Banda islands they use the port in Ambon as departure. You can get domestic flights from Bali and Jakarta that fly to Ambon often by Ujung Pandang. A variety of ports can be used including Sorong, Saumlaki, Maumere, Kalabahi, and Kaimana.

We will provide you with a full itinerary on the time of your booking to let you know what ports the liveaboard will depart and disembark.Most liveaboards provide transfer from and to the airport or hotel if you stay overnight.