Diving in Ambon

The Maluku capital Ambon is a special place to dive. It’s remote and isolated bay bring along one of the worlds best muck diving. When starting your dive from a liveaboard you will see rubble and mud on the seafloor. But when you start to look closely at the bottom a world of macro marine life will open for you. The Eponymous Ambon scorpionfish, Halimeda ghost pipefish, frogfishes, eels and dragonets are only view examples of the more than 700 species found around here.

For those who prefer the wide angle should go diving on the South coast of Ambon. Here sloping reefs and wall dives are more common with stronger currents than in the other areas in Ambon. The currents bring the large pelagic closer to the dive sites where manta rays, sharks, Napoleon wrasse, will catch your eye. Even dolphins and orcas have been spotted here.

Diving Season

Ambon liveaboards go year round due to the location of the island what gives better shelter then the other areas of the Banda Sea. When you would like to combine the trip with a Banda Sea trip you need to book it for the months March and April or between September to December. During the dry season from April until October, the visibility is at its best with an average of 20 metres. Some of the muck diving dive sites give you less visibility but looking for those small critters that shouldn’t be a problem. The average water temperature in Ambon is around 28 ℃.

How to get to Ambon

Every day there are either direct flights from Jakarta or via Makassar or Surabaya to Ambon island the best pick for the domestic flight would be Garuda. Also, have a look at the itineraries if it is only scheduled for Ambon or that you visit other areas of the Banda sea as well. In that case, your port of departure and/or disembarking might be different. When you book we will send you the complete itinerary and where you need to get your flights too.