Alor Diving Holidays

Diving in Alor

Diving in Alor brings you to some stunning reefs that are ambient with marine life. Hovering above the hard corals you will see schools of anthias, hawksbill turtles grazing around the dive site and barracudas that swim by to find their meal for the day.

All dive sites are suitable for the beginner as well as advanced divers as long as you jump in at the right time of the day when the current is at it weakest. For the adrenaline seekers, these dive sites can bring you strong currents where you need to make a negative entry to get to the dive site and drift along with the reef. when the current starts to pick up you will be more likely to see some reef sharks patrolling the area. Also, mantas and whale sharks can be spotted here. When cruising between dive sites keep an eye out for pilot whales passing by and dolphins playing in front of the bow.

Diving Season

The diving season is from the middle of March until the middle of January. with the peak season running from April until November. Around that time of the year, the sea is smooth and water temperatures between 26-29 °C are pleasant. At some dive sites, the water can drop to low 20 because of cold currents coming in. Above water, the air temperature is pretty stable with 28-33 °C year-round.

How to get to Alor

Alor liveaboard safaris leave from the port Kalabahi. To get there you can book a domestic flight with Lion Air/wing Air, Garuda and Sriwijaya Air on a daily scheduled route to Jakarta Or Densapar. However many Alor liveaboard itineraries include several other destinations in Indonesia so the port of embarking and disembarking might not be in Alor. So before you book your flights it is wise to check or contact us what route the liveaboard is making.


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