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  • Pricing Name Master Cabin
    Start Tuesday September 3, 2019
    End Friday September 13, 2019
    Group (Min-Max) 1 - 2 Pax
    Seats left Pax Available: 2 / 2
    Price 5,030.00 /Adult
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    Start Tuesday September 3, 2019
    End Friday September 13, 2019
    Group (Min-Max) 1 - 4 Pax
    Seats left Pax Available: 4 / 4
    Price 4,550.00 /Adult
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    Start Tuesday September 3, 2019
    End Friday September 13, 2019
    Group (Min-Max) 1 - 2 Pax
    Seats left Pax Available: 2 / 2
    Price 4,015.00 /Adult

Departure Port: Serangan, Bali
Return Port: Serangan, Bali
Length: 11 Days / 10 Nights (Approximately 31 dives in total)
Experience level: Open Water – 60 minimum logged dives required.
While this is the description of a typical dive trip, actual trips may vary due to wind and sea conditions, weather, or guests preference.

Day 1 Monday (0 dives):
0800: Departure from Serangan, Bali

Day 2 Tuesday (2-3 dives): North Sumbawa – Satonda or Balahai for two or three dives
Land excursion possibilities: an easy stroll on the island of Satonda, visiting the saltwater lake and making a wish according to local traditions: a stone is tied to the branches of a wishing tree on the banks of the lake.

Day 3 Wednesday (4 dives) Entering Komodo National Park
Gili Lawa Laut for three dives plus a night dive in Slawi Bay.
Land Excursion possibilities: a trip to the shore to climb the hill on Gili Lawa Laut. It is a rather arduous climb, but the view of the entire National Park makes it well worth the effort.

Day 4 Thursday (3-4 dives) Komodo National Park -Rinca
Land Excursion: trekking into the interior of Komodo island to seek out the elusive dragons (easy walk of 1.5-3 hours).
Two or three dives & a night dive off Nusa Kode, in the extreme south of Rinca island
Land Excursion possibilities: From our mooring dragons can almost always be observed as they visit the beach during the late afternoon. To have a closer look we can approach the beach by dinghy.

Day 5 Friday (4 dives) Komodo National Park – Rinca
Three dives in Nusa Kode & a night dive in Lehok Sera
Land Excursion possibilities: we can go for a relaxed stroll on the beach of Lehok Sera; often we spot herds of Timor deer or wild boars. In season, we can also try wild tamarind fruit from the trees growing close to the beach.

Day 6 Saturday (4 dives) Komodo National Park – South Komodo
There are two dives at Langkoi off Komodo’s south coast & a dive off Padar. Night dives are either a night dive off Padar or a night dive at Wainilu
Conditions permitting, we will set sails as we move from Langkoi to Padar.
Land Excursion possibilities: Both beaches, Padar or Wainilu, are nice places to visit before the night dive for a bit of beach combing. In Wainilu, you can walk up a small hill for a nice view of Rinca and the surrounding islands. We adhere to the strict no take-policy of the National Park.

Day 7 Sunday (4 dives) Komodo National Park
There will be one dive off Padar, and two dives in the north of the Linta Strait and a night dive in Gili Lawa Darat Bay
Land Excursion possibilities: there is the option for the group to skip the first dive in favour of a hike on Rinca Island; compared to the walk on Komodo itself it is longer and slightly harder, however, usually there are more Komodo dragons (albeit of smaller size) and more wildlife in general. In the late afternoon, you can visit one of the beaches around Gili Lawa Darat or explore the mangroves in the bay.

Day 8 Monday (4 dives) Exiting Komodo National Park
There are three dives around Gili Lawa Laut and/or in the north of the Linta Strait & the night dive will be in Gili Banta
Another option is to leave the National Park early in the morning and head straight to Gili Banta to dive the famous sites ‘GPS Point’ and ‘Tanduk Rusa’ (or ‘Rollercoaster’); these sites are very nice sites, as good as any site within the boundaries of the National Park (quite a good chance of seeing pelagics or big animals in general – e.g. grey reef or silky sharks and huge schools of fish), however, they tend to be quite ‘hairy’ and finicky in terms of currents and conditions in general. This forces us quite often to do less spectacular sites in the area like ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Swiss Dreams’ – while those sites are far from being bad (still quite a good chance of seeing white tip reef sharks and turtles, there is even something for macro-seekers), they are of lesser quality than sites within Komodo National Park.

Day 9 Tuesday (4 dives) Sangeang
There are three dives around the volcanic island of Sangeang, in the north-east of Sumbawa and a night dive in the north of Bima Bay.

Day 10 Wednesday (2 dives) Moyo
There are two dives off Moyo and shortly after lunch, we leave for Bali.
Land Excursion possibilities: A visit to Lahuhan Haji, a traditional village with houses on stilts. Wander thru the village for a glimpse into the local life.

Day 11 Thursday (0 dives)
Adelaar arrives in Bali, normally between 8 am and noon and guests disembark.

Marine Life:
The underwater topography is as varied as the marine life it homes. Dive sites vary from gentle coral slopes to sheer cliff walls, channels, flat bottoms, pinnacles, caves, swim-throughs and a host of hard and soft corals. From the Flores Sea in the north, the warm waters gradually become cooler as you travel southwards into the Indian Ocean.

Divers that join Adelaar’s Komodo Liveaboard are required to have above basic diver training from an official dive agency. We recommend having a PADI ‘Advanced Open Water’ certification or equivalent. The majority of dive sites we head to are considered suitable for advanced divers, inexperienced divers with lesser qualifications may be excluded from certain dives.