Halmahera liveaboard

Halmahera liveaboard divingĀ  the hidden gem of Indonesia

A Halmahera Liveaboard brings you to the unexplored island between the world-famous diving hotspots, North Sulawesi and Raja Ampat which, is becoming a popular liveaboard diving destination. Surrounded by some world-class muck diving, soft coral gardens, mangroves, and the black sands of the infamous volcanic islands of Ternate and Tidore, this spectacular diving destination in Indonesia are considered to offer nearly as rich marine biodiversity as Raja Ampat.

Once the spice trade capital, Halmahera is now visited infrequently due to its remote location and population. This has been a significant reason why the diving spots on these beautiful islands are yet to be explored or even discovered. According to the surveys carried out in recent years, the abundance of the varieties of marine and other living species, these islands though not fully discovered, can still be quite easily compared to Raja Ampat. Also, because of the smaller number of tourists visiting this hidden gem of an island, it is an absolute delight to explore and dive around these waters, discovering the untouched and unspoiled beauty of these dive spots.


Halmahera Liveaboard Routes

Most Itineraries for Halmahera Liveaboards include the following dive destinations in Indonesia.

Raja Ampat



Marine Life

Halmahera is blessed with the beautiful and effervescent coral gardens inhabiting the innumerable macro species such as the pygmy seahorse, harlequin shrimps, octopus, and gaudy cuttlefish.

Scuba divers love to visit the narrow passages in the ocean to catch the larger species like turtles, schools of barracuda and batfish, eagle rays, Napoleon Wrasse, and charming manta rays action.

What makes every minute of Halmahera liveaboard experience count.



Diving Season

In Halmahera, there is no marked rainy season. It usually is hot and humid year-round, but if you want to put the finger on it between December and March, there is a slightly higher chance of rain.

The wind is another factor that can influence your Halmahera liveaboard cruise. In the months January/February and July/August, the wind is at its strongest, making the sea rough. Most liveaboards avoid these months Halmahera.

HOW TO GET TO Halmahera

Depending on the route the Halmahera liveaboard takes is where you have to book your flight to and from. We can advise you when you book your liveaboard cruise, or you can browse for international and domestic flights.