Damai II


Dive Damai II liveaboard was specially constructed for scuba diving in the Indonesian Archipelago in 2011. It has a length of 40 meters and a width of 9 meters. The wooden ex- and interior provide you with a feeling of warmth and luxury in indigenous style.

This vessel accommodates 12 guests (possibly 14 as a charter). Comfort and safety are key issues. Dive Damai ii offers liveaboard cruises to the following dive destinations Alor, Bali, Banda Sea, Cenderawasih Bay, Komodo national park, Raja Ampat, Asmats, Triton Bay, and the Forgotten Islands.

The length of the trip varies from 7 to 15 days. The dive, Damai II crew, will make sure that the onboard experience and the underwater adventures will make an unforgettable impression on every guest.


Dive Damai II accommodates its guests in 7 spacious deluxe cabins.

There are two master cabins, one on the lower deck and one on the main deck. Boast their private balcony and a stunning panoramic view.

On the lower deck, you find four more cabins with two deluxe double and two deluxe singles. The single cabins have a large double bed, whereas the deluxe double has a queen-size bed converted to 2 single beds.

The bridge deck has one deluxe double cabin with a queen-sized bed and large windows.

All cabins have an en-suite bathroom and individual air conditioning, wardrobes, and flat-screen tv. Daily housekeeping, including towels and toiletries, is part of the service.

Twin/Double Cabin

Twin/Double Cabin

Room size: 25 m²
Max. occupancy: 2
Beds: Queen or 2 Single
Private bathroom: 1
Air conditioning: 1
WiFi in the room:
Single Cabin

Single Cabin

Room size: 20 m²
Max. occupancy: 1
Beds: Double
Private bathroom: 1
Air conditioning: 1
WiFi in the room:
Master Cabin

Master Cabin

Room size: 40 m²
Max. occupancy: 2
Beds: King or 2 Single
Private bathroom: 1
Air conditioning: 1
WiFi in the room:


The cool and spacious lounge area is finished with the highest quality furnishings with comfortable sofas, dining table, fridge, charging points, tv, library, etc.

The large shaded sun deck is a magnificent place to rest and marvel at the views. You will find total relaxation and refreshment in the massage room/spa where the first treatment is in the house.

With 18 crew members dive, Damai makes sure that all her guests onboard will be looked after during their Indonesian liveaboard holiday.


On the menu are a continental and cooked breakfast, lunch, in-between snacks, and a la carte dinner. Our chefs will accommodate vegetarian and other dietary requirements. Our chefs will accommodate vegetarian- and other dietary needs. There can be outside dining as well as inside the lounge.


Dive Damai II provides you with luxury liveaboard diving to the best dive sites in Indonesia, where you can see stunning coral gardens and an abundance of marine life from manta rays to the smaller critters in the ocean.

The stunning underwater world of Indonesia will be divulged to you by our dive guides. They will assist you in every way and take care of your safety.

Gear up and changeover on the dive deck with individual rinse tanks next to your dive station. Freshwater showers or on the dive platform to rinse yourself off after each dive

Each diver can choose to dive with either air or nitrox. For those who are not certified, we have courses available on board. All dives start from a custom build diving zodiac.

After your dive, check and share your underwater photographs in the specially equipped camera room.

Some of the liveaboard itineraries on Damai II provide land visits to traditional Indonesian tribes or the Komodo Dragons.


Year built: 2011

Length: 47

Beam: 9 meters

Top speed: 8 knots

Cruising speed: 7 knots

Engines: 1 x Mitsubishi 10M20-OA – 640 Hp serial

Max guests: 12

Number of cabins: 7

Number of bathrooms: 7

Tenders: 2 high-speed tenders

Water capacity: 10000 liters

Fuel capacity: 20000 liters

Freshwater maker: 200 liters per hour



 Depth Sounder



 E.P.I.R.B. Distress System

 Emergency Rafts

 Life Vests

 Fire Alarm & Fire Extinguishers


 First Aid Kits

 Satellite & mobile phones

 Bilge pump alarm

 Crew trained in first aid

 Emergency flares

Dive Damai ii provides 8-13 days luxury liveaboard cruises to the best dive destinations around the Indonesian Archipelago.

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06 Aug 2021
Bali - Komodo (Benoa - Labuan Bajo)
Arrival: 06 Aug 2021
Departure: 17 Aug 2021
Days/nights: 12 Days / 11 Nights
Bali - Komodo (Benoa - Labuan Bajo)

Departing from Benoa, Bali, we’ll head up the east coast for a check out dive at Padang Bai. From here we will begin our journey east, stopping at Lawang and Satonda for some cool critter dives and the chance to visit a crater lake. We then head over to the volcanic island of Sangeang for macro diving on iconic sites like Bontoh with their Doto Donut and Bubble Reef with its ‘ champagne bubbles’ before heading into Komodo National Park and one of the most biodiverse marine protected areas in Indonesia. You will have plenty of opportunities to spot sharks, turtles, schooling fish, mantas, and eels on many of these dive sites you have heard about by name: Batu Bolong, Castle Rock, Crystal Rock, Tetawa and Pink Beach. No trip to Komodo is complete without a visit to the beautiful Horseshoe Bay with famous dive sites like Torpedo Alley for a night dive with an amazing array of critters or the seamount of Cannibal Rock with its endemic marine life set against a beautiful reef.

The highlight of the trip is always the chance to trek on the islands to see the endemic Komodo Dragon but you may see other unusual wildlife during these land excursions too. Our liveaboard cruise ends in Labuanbajo where guests can enjoy our complimentary airport transfer.

Marine Life: Bumphead parrotfish, bamboo sharks, marble rays, nudibranchs, dusky sharks, jawfish, bubble coral shrimps, leaf fish, porcelain crabs, pygmy seahorses, schools of barracudas, trevally, and mackerel, white tips, black tips, grey reef sharks, turtles, octopus, frogfish, manta rays, dugong, banded pipefishes, mandarin fishes, Wonderpus, Indian Walkman.

19 Aug 2021
Bali / Komodo - Charter Only
Arrival: 19 Aug 2021
Departure: 26 Aug 2021
Days/nights: 8 Days / 7 Nights
Bali / Komodo - Charter Only

Komodo: the land that time forgot. This World Heritage Site has action packed diving, prehistoric Komodo dragons and spectacular scenery. Below will be the draft itinerary when you are onboard of Damai:

Day 1: Arrive in Labuan Bajo
Guests will arrive in Labuanbajo and have time to get comfortable on the boat. After a short journey there will be the opportunity to do a check out dive and a night dive on the sloping reef at Sebolan Kecil in the middle of Komodo National Park.

No. of Dives: 1

Day 2: Gili Lawa Laut
For some of the best schooling fish action in Komodo we will head to the north of the park and dive on two seamounts called Crystal Rock and Castle Rock. Keep you eyes open for cruising sharks amongst the clouds of schooling fish.

No. of Dives: 4

Day 3: Central Komodo & Wainilu
Back to the middle of the channel to dive the Signature site of Batu Bolong; the ‘Rock with the Hole’. This is a beautiful reef dive with plenty of fish, turtles and passing pelagics. Just beside on the current rich Karang Makassar is an excellent drift dive with manta cleaning action.

For a macro afternoon head to the small island of Wainilu on the north coast of Rinca. Diving along the sand slope in front of the beach should prove an excellent opportunity for critter hunting and some unusual nudibranchs.

This is the gateway to enjoy a walk in the park to view the prehistoric Komodo dragon. You may also see monkeys, water buffalo and wild boar or just enjoy the panoramic views over the park.

No. of Dives: 4

Day 4: Horseshoe Bay
Horseshoe Bay has a variety of Signature sites; the world famous pinnacle of Cannibal Rock has excellent schooling fish action but certainly plenty of macro to discover; The black sand slope of Torpedo Alley has some interesting macro opportunities especially for the night dive; and Yellow Wall is a vertical wall covered in yellow softcorals and yellow crinoids.

Even the anchorage is exciting with Komodo dragons prowling up and down the beach; wild boars feeding from the shoreline; flying Brahminy Kites and White Bellied Sea Eagles; deer swimming in the sea; monkeys climbing the trees.

No. of Dives: 4

Day 5: Langkoi & Padar
On the southern tip of the island of Komodo the Signature site of Manta Alley has some of the best schooling fish in the south. Although the water may be chilly the potential for manta action is closely followed by sharks, napolean wrasse, humphead parrotfish, sweetlips and turtles.

The island of Padar has the dive site of Pillarsteen with its dramatic seascapes of caves and swim throughs along the vertical wall. The pinnacles at the 3 Sisters rise beautifully from the white sand bottom and are covered in colourful reef fish and the elusive frogfish.

No. of Dives: 4

Day 6: Sangeang
The smoking volcano Sangeang in the north has some great macro diving. Bubble Reef has evidence of this volcano activity with both yellow sulphur and champagne bubbles in the shallows; Menceng Wall is an unusual black sand wall with a sand slope. Keep your eyes open for unsual nudibranchs, shrimps and other amazing critters including the much sought after Rhinopias scorpionfish.

No. of Dives: 4

Day 7: Bima Bay
In the calm waters of Bima Bay there is some excellent muck diving; sandy slopes to scattered coral heads . Move slowly across the sand slopes hunting for octopus, frogfish, seahorses and nudibranchs.

No. of Dives: 2

Day 8: Departure
Guests will be escorted to the airport in Bima and assisted with check in procedures, no doubt full of talk about the wonders of the most popular dive destination in the world.

The trip will be weather dependent and there might be long crossing required throughout. We will, try to adjust the best we can to the conditions and fulfil all itinerary briefed when you’re on the boat.

Due to the need to report to the local village, divers will need to be flexible with the start time of the first dive at some of the dive sites. We will ensure that you’re given timely update on this during the trip, however your understanding on last minute changes would be appreciate. This is because divers are only allowed in the water once permission is granted by the local villages and officers.

Damai are flexible to change itinerary suggested based on customer’s preference in the event that weather and time allow us to do so and if changes is agreeable by all participants on board

28 Dec 2021
Raja Ampat
Arrival: 28 Dec 2021
Departure: 08 Jan 2022
Days/nights: 12 Days / 11 Nights
Raja Ampat

Start the journey sailing through the rarely visited islands and reefs of Halmahera, in North Maluku, famous for its second to number schooling of Barracuda and Jacks. Continue through to Gorontalo, renowned for their unique Petrosia lignose, AKA Salvadore Dali sponges, while passing through the Togeans island for a chance to visit the Red Jellyfish Lake. Below will be the draft itinerary when you are onboard of Damai:

Day 1: Arrive into Ternate

The flight usually arrives in Ternate in the morning, and you will go directly to Damai and make yourselves comfortable. You can complete a check-out dive today, depending on how you feel. We’ll let you decide.

No. of Dives: 0 or 1

Day 2: Goraici and Seamount of Halmahera Sea

Series of small islands, surprisingly good healthy reefs. This current rich location has a vast amount of schooling fish; surgeonfish, ocean triggerfish, snappers, fusiliers, rainbow runners, sharks, and much more; we have seen on several occasions’ mantas coming to feed in the shallow waters of a lagoon.

No. of Dives: 4

Day 3: Tifore

A small island between Halmahera and Sulawesi, Tifore’s seamount has exuberant gardens of hard coral and plenty of life, including large schools of jacks and barracudas well as reef sharks.

No. of Dives: 4

Day 4: Tanjung Flesko

Currents flow in the channel between Bacan and Halmahera, the wares are the richest in the area, and fans and soft corals dominate the reefs. Great combination of soft and hard corals and some of the fishiest dive in the whole Maluku. Good chances to see white and blacktip reef sharks.

No. of Dives: 4

Day 5: Tanjung Talabu

A series of underwater pinnacles and reefs. School of barracudas garter around the area is regularly visited by large pelagic such as mackerels, trevallies, or tunas.

The pinnacles are covered with gorgonians and soft corals and are surprisingly full of small critters, pygmy sea horses, soft coral crabs, frogfish are usually seen here.

No. of Dives: 4

Day 6: Togean Islands Baliklapata

Diving the beautiful reefs of cape Balikapata and the impressive seamount of Gung Laut, which comes from 200 meters to 17th at the top and it is the right place for pelagic. In the afternoon, we can dive the WWII B24 Bomber near the impressive mangroves, where a combination of macro, juveniles, and small fish aggregations gather.

No. of Dives: 4

Day 7: Togean Islands / Taupan

Spectacular walls, overhangs, sponges, black coral, and fans. Good chances to see black tips in the shallows.

No. of Dives: 4

Day 8: Pasir Laut

Without a doubt, one of the best kept secrets in Indonesia. A Seamount is coming from 1,000 meters up to 5 meters below the surface. Life concentrates like nowhere else. Grey reefs patrolling, schooling fusiliers by the thousands, oceanic triggerfish, black snappers. Truly unbelievable.

No. of Dives: 4

Day 9: Una-Una

A small underwater reef, starting at 17 meters, will surprise us all. An extremely dense concentration of life, with several schooling fish, sponges, and large fans, an absolute delight for our eyes.

No. of Dives: 4

Day 10 and 11: Gorontalo

Very healthy hard coral gardens in the shallows and dramatic drops offs where the unique famous Salvador Dali sponge grows. The only place where these sponges are to be found. Whale shark encounters are common, especially bellow fisherman platforms, and the local fisherman keeps the sharks around, feeding them small baitfish.

No. of Dives: 4 and 2

Day 12: Departure

Guests will be escorted to the airport in Gorontalo and assisted with check-in procedures, no doubt full of talk about the wonders of the most popular dive destination in the world.


The trip will be weather dependent, and there might be long crossing required throughout. We will try to adjust the best we can to the conditions and fulfill all itinerary briefed when you’re on the boat.

Due to the need to report to the local village, divers will need to be flexible with the first dive at some of the dive sites. We will ensure that you’re given a timely update on this during the trip; however, your understanding of last minute changes would be appreciated. This is because divers are only allowed in the water once the local villages and officers grant permission.

Damai is flexible to change the itinerary suggested based on customer’s preference if weather and time allow us to do so and if changes are agreeable by all participants on board.

24 Jan 2022
Raja Ampat Cruise (Sorong - Sorong)
Arrival: 24 Jan 2022
Departure: 31 Jan 2022
Days/nights: 8 Days / 7 Nights
Raja Ampat Cruise (Sorong - Sorong)

These jewel-like islands are caressed by a convergence of swift nutrient-rich currents. Here the pulse of marine life thrives from the sea floor to the surface where the kaleidoscope of corals can start in less than a meter of water. There are sites that are so pristine and packed with growth, that a photographer is hard-pressed to find a spot to place a steadying finger. Exotic sea life and macro critters abound of course, and photo opportunities border on overwhelming. But at the end of the day, the most memorable moments for us are what can rarely be captured in digital format.

The incredible experience of drifting along miles of exquisite reef brimming with hues and activity the likes of which few have ever experienced.

Included: VAT, Accommodation, Transfers/pickups from airport, Tanks, Weights, Belts, Divemaster services, All meals, Towels Provided

Excluded: Rental gear (full set USD 220 per week or USD 300 for ten days) | Instruction | Nitrox tanks (USD 100 for a week, USD 150 for ten days) and retail charges | Courses | Extra alcoholic drinks | Trip cancellation and dive insurance | Crew gratuities | Fuel surcharge applies on some special trips | Domestic flight needed for any cruises not from/to Male | Please note: 12% GST and not included on all extras and Green tax ( US$ 6 / person per night) to be paid onboard | Hanifaru Bay Park Fee ($20 to be paid onboard). Single Supplements: 80% applies in winter (November – April) 50% in Summer (May – October)


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