The first thing we search for is holiday packages on different sites when we are planning a vacation. Do you know, you can have full experience of diving with affordable scuba diving packages? You just need to have a piece of information in detail about places that can offer gateway at the most affordable prices. You don’t need to worry about what to expect at a low price as there are many places that are amazing for diving and easy to go to.

Everybody needs to have an escape from their daily routine. I say you should give yourself a break from your busy schedule and do something adventurous.  Live the life for which you are working so hard at all the time.

It is good to do or at least try everything once so you know that this is not the only way to live your life and I assure you; you will be stunned to see how the underwater life lives are and how magical it is.

When it comes to scuba diving there are many places throughout the world where you can get to see how beautiful underwater creatures are. But if you want to experience all of this without spending too much then you should explore Southeast Asia. We get it, as a person we always want the value for what we spend and why shouldn’t we expect it it’s our right.

Asia is a huge continent and has lots of spots for diving, well then this brings us into a pickle while deciding which place to go.

Here in this blog, I will tell you about the top 10 places in Asia where you can have a phenomenal underwater diving experience at affordable prices.

1. Similan Islands (Thailand)

Coming to the land of White Elephants you are greeted by great food, elegant martial arts exhibitions, majestic temples, and beautiful beaches. Among all these, you must definitely take a dip – or rather dive – in the Similans Andaman Sea.

The Similan Islands are accessible by liveaboard and offers one of the best dive sites in Thailand. With trained scuba diving professionals to accompany you, you are ensured a safe and closer view of the islands mesmerizing marine life.

Among some of these amazing creatures are their gigantic pelagic fish, eagle rays, mantas and whale sharks. Delving deeper you should be able to see their gorgeous sea fans and soft corals that protect and house smaller fishes and crustaceans such as mantis shrimps, starfishes, sea horses, crabs,  clownfish, harlequin shrimps, and octopi.

As you coast through you should be able to bump into wondrous sea turtles and harmless nurse sharks. And if by chance, you have more time, you might even get the chance to grace your eyes upon Richelieu Rock, Similan’s most beautiful coral reef.

Liveaboard available at reasonable price are Pawara, Deep Andaman Queen, DiveRace Class E, & Diva Andaman.

Price range is $ 703 – $ 2200

2. Bali (Indonesia)

Indonesia’s holiday destination, Bali, is naturally set against stunningly beautiful backdrops. From exotic temples to palaces, towering volcanoes and pristine jungles, this exciting island gives you an uncultivated adventure land to travel. As good as its landscape is, its beaches and deep waters are just as exciting and are actually the main reason the island is one of Asia’s top travel destination.

Popularly known for their wild waves, the island is home to surf junkies.  In calmer waters, however, their marine life is a sight to bask in and it is a much better option considering the fact that Bali, has at least 10 types of sharks. Swimming deeper you may be able to view them in all their glory and you can also enjoy threading and swimming alongside the beautiful Bali turtles, manta rays, eagle rays, on the reefs you can find stone fish, sea horses and several species of nudibranchs.

Now, before you go booking your destinations on your bucket list, don’t forget to add the boisterous Island of Bali to your travel destinations.

Liveaboards that will take you on diving in Bali are Sea Safari VI, Mermaid 2, Pearl of Papua, Aurora, Empress, Calico Jack, Tiare, Mermaid 1, Samambaia, Blue Manta, & Gaia Love.

$ 400 – $ 6000 is the price range that you can afford to view the best world under water.

3. Komodo (Indonesia)

Dive with the dragons in the Komodo Islands. Home to the eccentric Komodo dragon, this Indonesian Island houses an estimated 4000 of the friendly reptile. Also known as the largest of all the monitor lizard family, this matte grey and brown creature can be seen basking in the morning sun of the Indonesian Islands.

Calm and relaxing, taking a dip in the waters frequented by these gentle creatures, you can come across other breath-taking marine life such as turtles, stonefish, seahorse, eagle rays, manta rays, and other rays.

With a Liveaboard, you should be able to get a nice dive in these Komodo inhabited waters and maybe even get a glimpse of other amazing creatures such as hammerheads, white tips, silver tips, and black tips. Just a few of the many beauts you can see in these wonderful islands, there are more amazing creatures in this underwater world that you have yet to experience for yourself.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to take a trip to this awesome diving destination. A tourist attraction, it is frequently visited by many nature advocates, thrill seekers and individual’s just looking for an awesome vacation.

For Komodo diving you have many options in liveaboards some of them are Lady Denok, Sea Safari VII, Seven Seas, Cheng Ho, Damai 1, Damai 2, Oceanic, Moana, Duyung Baru, Mermaid 2, Empress, Panunee, Tiare, Calico Jack, Raja Manta, Manta Mae, Aurora, Mermaid 1, Mantra, Ambai, Amira, & Adelaar.

Most of the above liveaboards give you a chance to see the most of Komodo’s underwater species at price range of $ 350 – $ 2000.

4. Philippines

They say that everything is more fun in the Philippines. If you’re looking for the ultimate diving experience, this is the archipelago you should go to. With clear warm waters, beautiful sceneries and the many islands, what more could you ask for?

Natural Reefs, multiple corals and marine life scattered around these many islands make this country an excellent diving destination. Though there are more shorelines and shallow beaches, it is still possible for you to stumble upon sperm whale, pilot whale, dolphins, turtles, eagle ray, manta ray, white & black tip reef sharks and Hammerhead sharks in their deeper waters.

With a Liveaboard, you should be able to go further out into the sea and you may even be able to spot a friendly whale shark popping up to grab a bite.  Used to come up to the surface these massive creatures are quite warm to the locals and are quite adept to swimming around divers with little to no trouble. Want to try swimming beside a whale with no fear you might get hit? You know where to go.

 5. Myanmar

A photographer’s dream, Myanmar has kept its distance from the clutches of Industrialization. This has, in turn, made it one of the most natural beauties one can come in contact with. Recently just grabbing the attention of a few diving exploration enthusiasts, it is not as frequented as other diving spots across the globe. This makes it a safe haven for pelagic fishes.

Easily accessible with a Liveaboard, Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago is one of the perfect spots to get sightings. One of its most remote areas, it’s not surprising that it has remained incredibly pristine through the years. Carpeted by sea anemones and soft corals, it is home to some of the ocean’s gentlest creatures such as cuttlefish, ghost pipefish, octopuses, frogfish, lobsters, shrimps, and crabs.

With deep warm waters, it is house to a wide variety of species. Among these include enormous whale sharks, cute harlequin shrimps, and eccentric seahorses. Whether you go there for plain sightseeing or to take photographs, it is a diving destination you would never regret coming to.

Liveaboards that will take you to Myanmar’s best diving spots are Diva Andaman & Deep Andaman Queen.

Price Range for these two liveaboards is $ 900 – $ 2300 approx.

6. Central Atolls (Maldives)

Untouched and unadulterated, the clear, calm waters found in the Central Atolls of Maldives make it the perfect home for some of the rarest and most astonishing pelagic fishes. This also makes it the surfing haven’s safest spot to dive.

With a liveaboard, you should be able to tour – or rather, dive- the large expanse of the central atolls in as little as 7 – 11 nights. Vast and lively, the waters in this area of the Maldives are filled with an assortment of marine life to view. Among these, some of the biggest creatures include the humongous whale shark, friendly dolphins, eagle rays, hawksbill & loggerhead turtles.

Magnificent creatures, the pristine waters of the Central Atolls allows you to see them perfectly up close. Reaching up to a depth of 55 meters, this perfect diving spot for the nature enthusiast.

Voyager, Princess Dhonkamana, Emperor Leo, Carpe Diem, Horizon 3, Soleil 2, Princess Rani, Carpe Novo, Orion, Princess Handy, Emperor Atoll, Fun Azul, Serenity, Theia, Carpe Vita, Azalea, Ocean Divine, Eco Blue, & Virgo are the liveaboard cruises that take you to the underwater paradise of Maldives.

Most of the cruises price ranges from $ 1350 – $ 3500 approx.

 7. Lembeh, (Indonesia)

Indonesia’s Lembeh Strait is a paradise for divers who wish to see the macro life underwater. Filled with gentle, shy critters, this body of water houses amazingly peaceful creatures at its bottom. Reaching a maximum depth of 25 feet with low surges and mild currents, it has surprisingly gentle waters that keep its marine life at bay.

Although the visibility is not always at it’s best with sometimes 10 feet maximum, there are still plenty of critters to find, such as soft coral crabs, mantis shrimps,  snake eels, Ribbon eels, Garden eels, flamboyant cuttlefish, Ambon scorpionfishes, sea horses, blue ring octopuses hiding amongst the bright corals at the bottom of the strait.

Closer to the surface, you could come across juvenile catfish schools coming towards or going against you as you swim.

With a liveaboard reservation, you can enjoy the calm, serene waters of this wonderful strait as you wait patiently for these coy creatures to show.

There are Sea Safari VI & Sunshine liveaboards that take you to Lembeh scuba diving from $160 a day

 8. Raja Ampat (Raja Ampat)

One of Asia’s top Liveaboard destinations, Raja Ampat is filled with gorgeous coral gardens, seamounts, bommies, and pinnacles covered in soft coral and gorgonian sea fans that help protect the waters vast marine life. With quite a wide scope, population and variety of gentle creatures, it would be safe to say to that this Indonesia water in itself is pulsing with life.

From surface filled with manta rays, tunas, barracudas, Spanish mackerels, reef sharks and turtles, to the floor bottom filled wobbegong sharks, walking sharks, cuttlefishes, ghost pipefishes, pygmy sea horses nudibranchs, it is a diving destination that is worth exploring.

With clear bright cool waters, you get to see the amazing wildlife of its waters from the outside to the inside of this sea.

Raja Ampat has Lady Denok, Sea Safari VI, Damai 1, Damai 2, Seven Seas, Mermaid 2, Empress, Panunee, Sea Safari 8, Ondina, Manta Mae liveaboards that take you to beautiful dives of your life from $320 a day

9. Northern atolls (Maldives)

Clear, calm waters with temperatures ranging from 27-30 degrees, the Northern Atolls gives you an astonishing view of some of Maldives’ finest marine life. With a visibility of 10 – 30 m, you should be able to see their nurse sharks, turtles, reef sharks and barracudas on a liveaboard.

Take a splash and dive in the warm waters and you get an even better view plus an added bonus of seeing  mantas and whale sharks while snorkelling. beautiful creatures crawling and hiding in the seabed floor. With depths of 40 meters, you don’t need to dive too deep to get a glimpse of the water’s scorpionfishes, angelfishes, batfishes, groupers and several kinds of sharks.

Add this to your diving destination and book a Liveaboard now. From surface to floor, you get to see amazing creatures as you head for the bottom.

Northern Atolls of Maldives has several liveaboard cruises name Carpe Novo, Eco Blue, Soleil 2, Carpe Diem, Fun Azul, Serenity, Theia, Seafari Explorer, & Carpe Vita that takes you to lovely underwater diving experience.

Price varies for each boat but the approx. value range is $1900 – $ 3000

10. Southern Thailand

A natural tourist destination, the beautiful land of Thailand is filled with millions of tourists per year. With great food, great people and white sand beaches, you could never go wrong with planning a Thailand centred vacation. Whether you’re there with an itinerary or take-things-as-they-go kind of attitude, you’ll find yourself never running out of things to do. If you’re there for the waters, then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to take a dive in their pristine waters.

Among their many diving destinations, the top three picks include the waters of Koh Phi Phi, Koh Haa and Hin Daeng. So while you can take a peek into what these natural diving destinations have to offer and schedule a Liveaboard for your Thailand tour now.

Koh Phi Phi

Reaching depths of 27 meters, the waters in this area are extremely pristine and filled with marine life that you should be able to come across some of the nation’s pelagic fishes in just 10 meters in such as barracudas, fusiliers, large groupers and cobia fish.  As you get closer to the bottom, you’ll see other shier creatures such as the anemone fish, the colourful clownfish, and glass fishes.

Koh Haa

A beautiful lagoon, Koh Haa is home to much amazing marine life. Filled with Porcupine Puffer Fish, Ghost Pipefish, lots of Octopus, Hawksbill Turtle, pristine coral. Marble Rays, Eagle Rays and Whale Sharks. The warm waters of Koh Haa make it one of Thailand’s top diving destinations.

Hin Daeng/Hin Muang

A series of rocky plateaus highlights the Hin Muang waters. With a visibility of up to 30 meters though, you need not burden yourself over hitting or scraping your knees at the bottom. With Whale Sharks, Barracudas, Jack Fishes, Manta rays, Tuna and many other fishes circling near the surface, you can already get a glimpse of their amazing marine life a few meters in.

Southern Thailand is one of the must-go destinations in Asia. It’s a pocket-friendly experience and you will really feel like you have spent your money well for having such wonderful dives. DiveRace Class E is a liveaboard that will take you to all of the above spots at just $ 1200.

Above are the scuba destinations in Asia that you can enjoy to the fullest at an affordable price. There are many liveaboards & cruises that take you around different diving spots in South East Asia.

“Escape the Reality, Detox Your Soul.”

Check the Availability of the liveaboard. Discount is available on group bookings.