They say looking for a holiday is already half the fun. But without some considerations this could easy start to become a nightmare.

So to find your way through the labyrinth called the internet here are some tips to find the best diving holiday for you.

1. Location

Choosing the location is probably one of the most important factors in planning your scuba diving holiday. Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself.

What certification level do I need to dive there?

Some locations such as Kata beach in Phuket are very easy to dive where you also can take your diving certification if you still need to do that. On the other hand when you go on a liveaboard to the Southern Atoll in the Maldives you need to have advanced level of diving and often they want to know you have a minimum amount of dives under your belt.(ranging from 50-100 dives.)

What are the conditions?

Preparing yourself to go to the location it is good to know what dive conditions you can expect. You don’t want to bring a drysuit to a tropical destination or only bring your macro lens to find out you can’t stay in the same place because of the strong currents.

How long do I need to travel to get there?

There are beautiful dive spots everywhere in the world and depending on where you stay you could be there in a couple of hours are you might have to travel for 2 days to come to your holiday destination.

2. Time of the year

The time of the year can strongly influence the location where to go. The Similan Island national park for example are only open during the dry season from October until May. Whereas you can find diving in the Maldives all year round as the liveaboards follow the migration of the marine life.

3. What marine life do I want to see

With over 21000 different species in the ocean it might be a good idea to think about what you would like to see on your dives. Best way to start is by narrowing it down in categories such as macro, Sharks, pelagic fish, reefs or wrecks. You can even get more specific to say you want to see a Mola Mola (sunfish) or pygmy seahorse.

4. Budget

Before looking for a dive resort or liveaboard make sure you have a budget in mind.

You can find places for a tight budget as well as exclusive all in resorts and liveaboards where a backpacker could travel a year for.

For some of the best deals you can always check out the special offers page for some great early bird and last minute deals.

5. Who is going along

Another factor to keep in mind to look for a diving holiday is with who you go.

If you are by yourself or with a travel partner that doesn’t want to anything else then diving a liveaboard is a great option for you.

At the other hand if you dive and your family doesn’t you might need to find the middle way of diving and other activities. Choose a resort or charter a smaller liveaboard with the family.